New music video alert! Mack Wilds feat. French Montana, Mobb Deep and Busta Rhymes – Henny (Remix)

Mack Wilds teams up with French Montana, Mobb Deep and Busta Rhymes to shoot a video for the official remix to his single ‘Henny‘.

New music video alert! Keyshia Cole – Next Time

You can feel the real pain in Keyshia Cole’s performance in the ‘Next Time‘ music video. This song is rumored to be about her relationship with her  hubby who she is currently separated from. On March 21, 2014, Cole confirmed their separation on Clear Channel’s syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club.


Her husband is Former NBA player Daniel Gibson.

Some of the track lyrics include:

Seem kinda crazy saying you love me so much
How could you bring that woman into our home?
Where my baby live, damn, right here it’s over
The crazy part about it is I took you right back
Right back!
I thought you were a changed man
I tried to work it out for the sake of our family!!
But you took my kindness for weakness, and my love for granted
Ooh oh
I should’ve known then, if you do it once
You do it again

NEXT TIME, I won’t throw my heart away again
I just won’t, no, I won’t
I won’t do it, next time
NEXT TIME, I won’t throw my heart away again

Joan Rivers makes fun of the rape and torture victims from the ohio kidnapping case! WTF!

I really wished someone would shut this old hag up.


Comedian Joan rivers has no chill filter, the comedian told sources at TMZ That the  women who were held hostage in a Cleveland, Ohio basement

Michelle Knight’s story:


and were helped by Charles Ramsey shouldn’t complain — “They got to live rent free for more than a decade.”

The women are furious at Joan’s comments on the “Today” show this week … when she talked about her daughter’s guest room, saying “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

Two out of the three victims  Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus  came out swinging, saying they were shocked and disappointed at the “hurtful” comment.

Rivers also had the nerve to tell TMZ that  she will not apologize, telling them to lighten up, adding,  “One of them has a book deal.  Neither are in a psych ward.  They’re ok.  I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on Dancing with the Stars.”

And Joan says, plenty of comedians have done schtick about tragic events like Hitler’s terror and the sinking of the Titanic.  Joan says, “The TV the guy gave them must not have had SNL.”

Rumor alert! Floyd Mayweather’s ex girlfriend is not renting her home to porn stars?

IFWT_MTO-story-3 IFWT_MTO-story-1-600x480



Posted above is a story that the infamous Mediatakeout posted today, boxer Floyd Mayweather saw this story and was not happy about it, the boxer posted this via his twitter:

IFWT_Mayweather-1-600x161 IFWT_Mayweather-2-600x160


I wonder how he is going to explain this why her photo is near a half naked porn star.

Would You Taste? 15 Strange Flavors Of Ice Cream That Really Exist (LIST)

Originally posted on Global Grind:

Best of The Munchies: People's Choice Food Awards Presented by PepsiCo Hosted by Andrew Zimmern - Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

What’s you favorite flavor of ice cream?

Is it Vanilla? Chocolate? Strawberry? Or how about Carrot Orange? Or maybe — just maybe — Tomato Cherry?

We’re not trolling with those last two, either. Those are two real flavors of ice cream, just released by Häagen-Dazs for all the lucky folks in Japan. (What did they ever do to deserve this?)

To put it bluntly, those are two terrible flavors of ice cream. But where do they rank on the list of the all time weirdest, nastiest flavors?

Not even in the top 15, it turns out.

From Viagra-flavored ice cream to banana curry ice cream, here are 15 weird flavors of the treat that really do exist.

Click through the gallery below.


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